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Wildlife Itineraries

The varied geo-climatic conditions of India support a wide variety of vegetation ranging from arid deciduous forests of Rajasthan to the indian wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife sanctuaries of india, national parks in india, kaziranga national park tourTropical Evergreen forests of Northeast India. This varied habitat supports a diverse range of wildlife unique to the respective forest type

The game parks suggested below seek to achieve a twofold objective. First, they represent all the diverse forest kinds of India with the respective game they offer. Second, we have stressed on highlighting the big 4 of India – The Asian one horned Rhino, The Elephant, The Gaur (World’s largest Ox) & The Tiger.

Finally, each of the reserves listed below are very rich in bird life and billed to be a bird watchers paradise

Arriving into the Capital city of Delhi, one can explore the old city teaming with bustling market places, ancient sights, mausoleums, mosques and the mighty Red Fort, alongside the impressive and ordered architecture of New Delhi.  Most tours will begin here before heading off on the well worn path of the ‘golden triangle’, or head up into the foothills and hill stations of the Himalayas.  Delhi has excellent connectivity with the rest of the country allowing you total freedom to tailor your ideal tour.

In the south of Rajasthan, the forests of Ranthambore National Park provide rare tiger spotting and luxurious jungle camps. Travel beyond the world’s greatest monument to love, The Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh and go in search of holy and heady Varanasi, city of death and life.  To the west you will find the desert towns Nagaur, Bikaner and of course Jaisalmer home to one of the last remaining living citadels in the world.

Take a journey into the rugged foothills of the Himalayas, starting with the spectacular Golden Temple in Amritsar in the Punjab. Embark on a panoramic train journey or trek within breathtaking vistas of snow-capped scenery. Explore the hills and remote Buddhist monasteries at the high-altitude hill stations of Shimla where Kipling wrote Kim and onto Dharamsala home of the Dalai Lama.

Travel to the furthest reaches of Ladakh and uncover a truly mythical land of ancient monasteries and mountain villages nestled high up amongst the clouds.

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