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Why Luxury Tour With Trinetra?

Trinetra Tours invites you to witness and participate in a spectacle called India ! We reveal the essence of each destination through first-hand experience, “insider” access, and exploration of the area’s history, culture, cuisine and more – with the added convenience of having all your travel needs handled by a friendly, knowledgeable travel consultant.

India and its many wonders take on a whole new dimension when experienced through the ‘minds’ eye of Trinetra Tours – Trinetra meaning ‘third eye’. With many intriguing choices to the most popular destinations in India, our creative itineraries find the unusual, the little known, the extraordinary – and bring them to life.

Our vision is not just a corporate exercise; it is a set of values and beliefs that guide our company on a daily basis. We must share with you that we are fully aware of the needs and requirements of high status travelers and will not only provide accommodation, but, all related services keeping the guest’s high end profile in view. I have to assure you that we are right there when it comes to reservations and conducting tour bookings of high stature. What we have learnt in the last 34 years is that Quality is a product of an attitude.

As a luxury tour operator we believe that we are entirely different. For one, we are not for the holidaymaker looking for a cheap package rate. For another, we offer access to remote places, knowledge, insight and plenty of flexibility. Equally important, if not more so, is the emphasis put on a client’s comfort. The food, wine and accommodations, even in the middle of nowhere, are usually spectacular.

Luxury tour operation is not just about knowing the best restaurants, local guides or museums, but, we are also experts in alleviating the stress of travel. Everything is done for you. No hassles await you, no dinner reservations go unmade, and no one has to worry about getting his laundry washed. If you choose to have a representative from the company–whether called a guide or tour director–accompany your trip, you invariably find yourself in the hands of an extremely friendly, knowledgeable individual whose sole purpose is to make your trip the best possible.

Some people fear that a pre-planned trip can eliminate the sense of discovery from travel, which is a valid point. Choosing whether to go on a tour or not depends on what kind of traveler you are, but, we are building flexibility into the itineraries. We offer “guided trips” by hand picked quality guides as well as bespoke ones, so clients can choose how much guidance and support they want.

Flexibility is extremely important to most luxury tour guests. While some people prefer to follow a set itinerary, others may want to stray a bit. After all, these are usually highly successful people who haven’t gotten where they have by following the beaten path. We will be happy to accommodate you. “You’re the customer. We want your trip to be everything you want it to be.”

Trinetra's Tours

“Trinetra Tours invites you on a journey through the mind’s eyes to intriguing destinations all over the world. We believe the World is our playground where “There is always a new friend to make, there is always a new place to go, and, there is always an adventure waiting”.

We are committed to providing you with the best customized tailor-made tours & customized packages, covering almost all parts of India. We will make possible for you to actualize your dream of visiting any destination across India. Trinetra Tours is associated with carefully researched partners in different parts of the country. We want to be sure that the same brand of service that we think that our guests deserve is provided. We have been very selective, as well as picky in choosing associates. We will do all the hard work and effort to make sure that the Trinetra brand and attitude to service is not compromised. An example of the array of sample tour programs in respective destinations is highlighted below.

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